Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dollar Store Ornament Wreath

I have been seeing these ALL over blogland and facebook (Thanks, Nicole and Liz!).  I made a trip to my local 99 cent store, and picked up a few containers of ball ornaments, and one special sparkle embelishment ornament.  Then, I scoured blogland for tips and tricks, cause this just seemed too easy.

The best tip I found was to take the tops off of each ornament, then hot glue it back together.    I started with a wire coat hanger, and just randomly slipped the ornaments on.  They really do just fall into place!  I added the snowflake ornament and some ribbon I had on hand.  I love it!

Join us Saturdays at for the weekend wrap up party!


  1. So the base is a coat hanger??? Very cool and very pretty. Martha Stewart would be proud.

  2. Yup. Just a plain old wire coat hanger!