Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Card Display

On Friday (ok, AND Saturday), I stopped by a few estate sales.  I picked up a picture frame, along with about 10 other items, and swung by to pick up spray paint on my way home.  Hub Dub's biggest pet peeve is my growing mound of unfinished projects.  I figured the spray paint was my ticket to a safe entry of the picture frame.  So, I spray painted the frame, and a couple of other items from my "to spray paint" pile, that very day!  Last night, I added a few other items, and got this...

1. Cute kid meets preschool dress-up picture day.
2. Painted frame meets me with some twine, and a new staple gun.
3. Ornament balls from the 99 cent store on top of (FREE) candlesticks from said "to spray paint" pile!

Here is the frame up close, and a photo of the clothespin details.  I just added ribbon, and buttons.  Easy Peasy.  I think I may leave it up all year long, and just swap out the clothespins for each season.  My family has cute little peeps.  We are always getting photos and cute photo cards to display!

Baby.Got.Craft. (FINALLY!)


  1. That's perfect. I was looking for a bulletin board and was not into paying 40 bucks for one at Target. Off to the salvation army I will go to find a frame!

  2. Fabulous! I love the silver deer, too.