Tuesday, September 7, 2010

$5 Sucker

This post has nothing to do with crafts, or the making of anything...other than a sucker of myself.

This morning was Willie's first day of Big Kid Preschool.  Being...well, me...I needed a photo for the book(s).  So, I begged, pleaded, rationalized with a 3 year old.  All for this...

Yes, Mom, I can hear you laughing from here.  I can feel your thoughts, and envision the birthday photo of all of my friends, and my back.  Yes...I know....payback's a ...well, it's a Willie.

So, I told him I would fill that Buzz Lightyear with PEZ, and give him a quarter.  And, being my child, he asked for "paper money."  If this kid has learned anything, it's that I will give a lot for a photo.

And, if I have learned anything, it's to keep a $1 bill handy, so I don't lose a FIVE.  We'll see if the HubDub reads my blog, because I was too embarassed to tell him about our little scam artist.