Monday, March 8, 2010

Make You Holla MONDAY.... in, Dolla, Dolla, Make you Holla.

Welcome to a little something I like to call, "Make you holla MONDAY!" aka - Perfectly practical craft, completed in under $5!

I really struggled with what to blog about on this first REAL craft post!  Something under $5...something I need to do anyway...something festive, and related to an upcoming holiday?  Ummm.....HELLLLO! about all 3!?

First off.....MATERIALS:

Wooden clothespins, you know the ones....99-cent store for 100 of them! I'm using 12 of 12cents.

FREE printable "Absolutely No Pinching", FREE! (When you sign up for a TOTALLYworthIT email newsletter from HERE.)

HOT GLUE sticks...come on, you already have those!

Green solid (or print if you have it) fabric.  I had this on hand, but I will calculate - $1.78/yard at the Good Ol' WallyWorld.  Could not have used more than 25 cents worth.

Festive Irish-y ribbon.  I got mine at Michael's for $1.50.


You can pretty much get this from the finished product pic, but here it is:

Glue ribbon on to the clothespin (being sure to tuck around edges.  Next, glue on the fabric circle.  (You can be as simple as pinking out a simple circle.  I chose to cut a fabric strip, hand stitch through one side, and pull to cinch.)  Finally, glue on your cardstock print-out.  Voila!

Now that I think about it, I guess we can sum up this project like this...
Wooden Clothespins...12 cents
Hot Glue....25 cents
Fabric...25 cents
The irony of making a class full of preschoolers a "No PINCHING" shirt clip out of the perfect pinching tool.....PRICELESS! 

**Or, for those of you counting...$2.12!


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