Friday, July 22, 2011


I have to say, this was one of the best parties I have thrown.  Early on, I decided to check my OCD at the door.  NO going overboard.  NO stressing.  NO party favors. NO tracking rsvps.  And, LOTS of relaxing, and socializing for the hostess.  And, it worked!

We started out by editing a free printable invite from Party Box Design.  Go there, get one, throw a popsicle party!

In keeping with my EASY theme, I decided that the kids popsicles could be picked up at the store on our way to the party.  This went against every fiber of my well-planned being.  But, it worked out perfectly.

The only pops I made, were the adult pops.  I used what I had at home, mixing everything from strawberries/champagne, to pomegranate wine/blueberry.

*A couple of lessons learned here: Don't cheap out on popsicle makers.  It does make a difference in the ease of getting out the pops.  And, the concentration of alcohol really does make a difference in the freezeability of booze.   So, do the math.

I used vintage sheets for table cloths, and a menu of only popsicles and water, kept the set up and clean up to a minimum.  Everyone had loads of fun!


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