Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quick Dad's Day Decor

With Dad's Day right around the corner, and this being the first year that Willie really understands it, we have had a lot of fun making items to help us celebrate.  I am really running with the tie theme. (See yesterday's Tie T-Shirt HERE.) WHERE? you ask, are we getting all of these ties?  I have been picking them up here and there, waiting for the "right" project.  I got all of my Grandpa's ties when he passed away, and wanted to make a lasting decoration using them.  (That will follow later today.)  I also picked up a TON at a few church Rummage Sales during those coveted "Fill A Bag For $X" hours.  And finally, I filled in the rest with some great patterned ties from Dollar Tree.  That being said, all of these projects could be made with Dollar Store ties.

So, here we go.....I started with an old shirt of Hub Dub's, a Dollar Store picture frame, and iron-on leftovers from yesterday's project.

I cut the shirt, and ironed on the letters.... it is all put together, with scraps of a Dollar Store tie.  I really love it!

AND....Check me out over at DOLLAR STORE CRAFTS!