Monday, March 22, 2010

Easter Bunny Silhouette

I admit...this is last year's Easter craft.  But, I LOVE it, and have yet to decide on this year's craft.

First, I took a photo of Willie's profile against a white wall.  Then, I printed it out on a regular paper, and glued it to a sheet of black scrapbook paper. 

Next, I used a sharpie pen to add bunny ears to Willie's head. 

After the glue has fully dried (don't want to sticky up those scissors), cut around the silhouette, and you're done!  I glued mine on a white piece of cardstock....but have yet to do anything else with it!  We did use it as our Easter cards last year (scan, save as jpeg, print on notecards).

Maybe, I will do a little something with it this year, to turn it into a lasting Easter decoration....hmmmm....

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